Thor by ArtofOkan

If I am what centers you, then you’re what anchors me. You are the talisman of my life, and if I lose my grip on you, then I have lost myself.”

                          - J. Kenner, Complete Me

im just

omg im so happy now because 

i have a total of three close friends

1 from elementary school, 2 from high school.. and i made plans for today with my high school besties, but somehow my elemenary school friend got there too

and we had a motherfucking blast at this club. free lambrusco all night. male stripper (i took the opportunity to describe to everyone how i weote thor being a stripper). some dude paying most our tequila shots. and i feel extremely lucky that my closest friends get along even though they’re from different social circles. we reminiscenced of when we were 14 and drinking in a park all together

and umm. im not gonna put this under a readmore, though im gonna put on warnings

i just really fucking relaxed this night and i’m so glad. we were quite a group, gorgeous girls loudly talking about our theses. my best friend even had a finished printed copy of hers and she took drunk pics with it :))) awesome. i’m gonna be away the next week, so everybody take care and enjoy life if possible. i sure as hell did tonight,


Your looks are so striking, you are a stunner :) xx

thank youuu

this should also serve as a general apology for drunk-posting of selfies

Hello friends

for Mona.

Emily Vancamp as Sharon Carter in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Scarlett Johansson by Craig McDean for Vanity Fair May 2014


Thor & Tumblr crossover.

inspired by this


I had her trust.

for jey.

There are nine realms. Future king of Asgard must focus on more than one.


Hello, I know you love Thor more than Loki (you are Thor fan). I just, what do you think about Loki? Do you hate him or you just don´t care about him and care about Thor more? And to separate fandoms: I didn´t know that each of them has own fandom. I thought that fandom is just for all, Thor fandom (movies Thor, Avengers, Thor2), Hannibal fandom, Harry Potter fandom and that word fandom means particular piece of work. Not for each character of them separate.

Okay first of all, no one makes rules about fandoms okay? Don’t get too hang up on it. There is no guide to what has a fandom and what doesn’t.

HUGE amounts of people are interested in the whole MCU or in the whole Thor movie. This Thor vs. Loki is in my mind bullshit spurred by 1) media trying to do this team x vs team y thing AND by some animosity that grows from the fact that Loki is a huge presence here on tumblr and it can get annoying. That’s ALL there is to the “Thor fandom vs. Loki fandom” fight. It’s bullshit. 

Now, personally, I most certainly don’t hate Loki and I DO care about him. He’s a goddamn entertaining piece of shit and more importantly, I am a HUGE Thorki shipper and shipping in my mind means loving both characters and ultimately thinking they belong together no matter how messy things are.